Wake Up to a Delicious Cup of Coffee

Try some of our at-home coffee in Holden, ME

There's nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee brewing, especially when that coffee is locally made. At Black Fly Coffee, we sell our own at-home coffee grounds and whole beans in Holden, ME. Whether you prefer a plain dark roast or a splash of flavor, we have the perfect bag of coffee for you.

No matter how you brew your coffee, we're here to ensure every cup gets filled. You can purchase a bag at our coffee shop's drive-thru.

Learn more about Carrabassett Coffee Company

At Black Fly Coffee, we sell our very own private-label coffee from Carrabassett Coffee Company. Each at-home coffee bag is filled to the brim with rich and flavorful coffee beans, ready to be ground, brewed and tasted. Plus, our coffee can be enjoyed on its own or with a dash of cream.

When you buy our coffee, you can choose from:

  • Blueberry cobbler - Light Roast
  • Sunrise- Light Roast
  • Bad Dog - Medium Roast
  • Backdraft - Dark Roast